Objects of the Company

The objects of the Company are to solely advance the goals and collective interests of the Members and to enhance the capability, common knowledge and status of individual Members by:
  • Promoting and encouraging cooperation and professional exchange of experience, information and resources among the Members;
  • Convening meetings, conferences, working groups and such other forums to facilitate communication among the Members in furtherance of the aims of the Company;
  • Serving as a platform to discuss lottery related issues;
  • Representing several or all Members in conveying common positions or opinions to authorities, private and public, including representation in any court as a party or third party wherever such Members have authorised the Company to speak or act on their behalf;
  • Establishing of services in education, statistics, information or administrative matters;
  • Representing the interests of Members at, and participating in the activities of, any association that promotes the alignment of the same aims and objectives at the world and regional level; and
  • Striving for and respect territorial integrity, public order and morality.

The aforesaid objects are exclusively charitable and the Company shall not carry out the aforesaid objects solely for profit or for commercial reasons.
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