Security & Integrity Seminar 8 Oct - 10 Oct 2019

Posted on 24 Sep 2019 in WLA

An EL/WLA Event

Assurance of Digital Operations will help grow your business with confidence.

Security and Integrity, as we approach 2020, means constant vigilance over the digital landscape which, in turn, is constantly in a state of flux. Cyber challenges never sleep and the only antidote is to architect for resiliency.

In keeping with its core remit and purpose, the 2019 EL/WLA Security and Integrity Seminar will continue the focus on cyber elements, primarily at a technical level. Management and data related aspects will also be covered with presentations on privacy, governance, machine learning, threat intelligence and insurance issues.

Among the planned core subjects are new views on the risk landscape and of cognitive security; cloud security as part of security of the supply chain and how to audit the risks and specially the controls; biometric identification of users; ransomware, and blockchain for security.

As usual, key operational topics such as new perspectives on electronic draw security; elements of encryption and the use of timestamping to drive business development, as well as ticket security will be presented.

The programme will of course include topics of awareness and of availability, training and diversity of staff devoted to security and integrity, including a session on gender balance in security in alignment with EL values and the model it stands for.

The Seminar will be structured to allocate more time for questions and answers and for exchange of information and interaction of the participants.

We strongly encourage you to join us in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from October, 8 to 10, to share your experiences and knowledge with your lottery colleagues, and to learn from security experts from both inside and outside the lottery sector.

Who should attend?
(Senior) lottery management, particularly security directors, risk managers, audit managers, managers responsible for IT operations and strategic planning.

The seminar will start on Tuesday, October 8, 2019 with a welcome dinner at 19:30 and end on Thursday, October 10 at around 15:30.


Mikloši?eva cesta 1,
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
t +386 1 308 12 70

** note: some participants will be accommodated at the GRAND HOTEL UNION BUSINESS which is adjacent to the venue

Airport transfers are not organised.

To more information, please click here.

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