Company and Legal
For corporate, regulatory or legal matters please contact the Company Secretary at the following :

Mr John Teo
Executive Director & Company Secretary
Asia Pacific Lottery Association Limited
(Incorporated in Singapore)
210 Middle Road #01-01, Singapore Pools Building
Singapore 188994
Email Address : [email protected]

Activities and Programmes
For Membership Activities and Programmes of the Company, please contact

Ms. Jo McLennan
Assistant to the Chair
Asia Pacific Lottery Association
Tabcorp Holdings Ltd
Level 8, 180 Ann Street
Brisbane  QLD  4000

Ph: +61 7 3877 1081

Email Address : [email protected]

Contact APLA

Correspondence in relation to Asia Pacific Lottery Association matters should be directed to the Assistant to the Chair via the contact details on this page. You can also contact APLA using the form below. We will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

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