Company Limited By Guarantee

An Introduction to APLA Company

  • At the last Annual General Meeting held on 11 Oct 2018 at Kuching (Malaysia), APLA Members voted unanimously to proceed to incorporate APLA as a company in Singapore.
  • The Asia Pacific Lottery Association Limited (“APLA Limited”) was incorporated as a Public Company Limited by Guarantee in Singapore on 30 Oct 2018 (UEN 201836926G).
  • APLA Limited has taken over as the regional association of lottery operations and suppliers on the World Lottery Association for the Asia Pacific region.
  • The previous APLA as an association has been dissolved from 28 Feb 2019.

Company Limited By Guarantee

A Company Limited by Guarantee (GLC) is typically associated with not-for-profit organisations. It does not have a share capital nor any shareholders.

A CLG has Subscribers (or Full Members) who each guarantee up to USD 100 towards any unsatisfied liabilities in the event the CLG is wound up.

APLA Limited’s current 22 Subscribers or Full Members have each guaranteed up to the account of US$100 towards meeting any unsatisfied liabilities in the event of winding up of the company.

The objects of APLA Limited are exclusively charitable and it does not carry out its objectives solely for profit or for commercial reasons.

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