New Chairperson of Asia Pacific Lottery Association Limited

The regional association would like to welcome Ms Sue van der Merwe, Managing Director of Lotteries and Keno who assumed the role of Chairman of the Company’s Executive Committee from 1 May 2019.

Sue takes over from Mr Seah Chin Siong of Singapore Pools (Pte) Ltd who stepped down on 30 April 2019 following his departure from the company.

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Responsible Gaming Initiatives

As APLA/WLA members, our duties are not only to grow sales and returns to good causes but to facilitate responsible play. In 2006, the WLA adopted the Responsible Gaming Principles and a Responsible Gaming Framework aimed at protecting lottery players around the world. This effort and commitment ensures not only that our public is protected but also that the revenues are sustained for the public good. In this section you will find the Responsible Gaming Principles as well as all supporting documents for the Responsible Gaming Framework.

WLA Responsible Gaming Accreditation     WLA Responsible Gaming Framework

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